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💗 Beautiful Heart 💗
     BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Don’t let them kick you down
Don’t let them pull you apart
You've got a beautiful soul
With such a beautiful heart

I’ve always believed in you
I hope your dreams come true
I hope you don’t ever give up
& I hope you make it through

Spread your wings like a bird
Glide around the colourful sky
Keep your head held up high
You can laugh but don’t you cry

Let the demons slowly fade away
Just live your everyday by the day
You could be something so special
So maybe you were meant to stay 💗

👶🏼 Josephine 👱🏻‍♀️
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

She couldn't see the beauty
The beauty in the world
Except for all the baby's
She stood for hours & held
The ward was dark & lonely
Everybody had gone home
The sight & sound of new life
Helps her feel much less alone
She sits with them for hours
Holding their tiny little hands
She speaks of all her troubles
Knowing no one understands
Her world outside the hospital
has crumbled to the ground
She watches them all sleeping
& keeps them safe & sound
She looks out of the window
At the gloomy dark night sky
She holds her hands together
& says please god tell me why
I've never had my own family
I've never found my Mr right
The sky's no longer gloomy
The dark's turned into light
God answered to her prayers
for all the good she's done
She met her Mr right one day
They've got a little baby son
Living happily ever after
Is how everything should end
Are you happy & positive
Because otherwise it depends
The moral of this story
Is to never let go of hope
Don't get on a downer
That's a slippery slope
Life is what you make it
What will be will be will be
If life is really eternal
I wish you love for eternity
When you've lost all hope
& things get really tough
Before you give up again
Pray to those up above
I wish you all best in life
Enjoy whatever you do
I hope that you're happy now
& that your dreams come true 👸🏼

💗 Never Give Up 💗
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Beautiful world
Beautiful people
Evil people
World of evil
We will live
We will die
Life’s a journey
Enjoy the ride

Forget forever
Nothing’s forever
Treasure life
Life is treasure
Take the good
Or take the bad
Play it happy
Or play it sad

Live your dreams
Have self-belief
Bite your tongue
& Grit your teeth
Wear your heart
On your sleeve
Make a difference
Before you leave

Time moves on
Move with time
Open your eyes
Don’t be blind
Be warm hearted
Loving & kind
Lose yourself
But not your mind

Lovers will love
Haters will hate
Lovers love to love
Haters love to hate
Hearts will be fixed
But hearts still break
Protect your heart
Before it’s too late

The sun will shine
The sky will be grey
The universe spins
Into a bright new day
Don’t fear tomorrow
Remember yesterday
History is the past
The futures on its way

Angels we lost
Live in the sky
Protecting us all
& they can fly
Waiting for us
It’s not goodbye
We’ll meet again
In the next life

Win or lose
Life goes on
Always be positive
Humble & strong
Look straight ahead
The road is long
Keep the faith
Keep holding on

Some fall down
Down on luck
Some eyes open
Some stay shut
No one’s perfect
Nothings clear cut
Don’t lose heart
& never give up 💘

👦🏼 The Wonder Years 👦🏼
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Knocking on doors & running away
We played knock down ginger everyday
I was the leader & I lead the way
Those boys were the best & I was the stray

Street fighter 2 & Dr pepper
I thought those days would last forever
We loved each other & we were always together
If you told me I'd lose them I'd say no never

Camping in the garden & garden hopping
Woolworth's on Saturdays cd shopping
They've be gone for so long but I still find it so shocking
We will never play again & they will never come knocking

Nike air Jordan's & Mario brothers 3
Those boys meant the whole world to me
I will never forget us all together in the sea
That will always be my most fondest memory 

👑 Fame 👑
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Come on champ
We’re only 23
A beautiful life
For you & me
Love the players
Love their game
Hello pretty Girl
What’s your name
Ching Ching Ching
Hold me tight
Cocktails & dreams
Dance into the night
Spin spin spin,
Spin spin away
Those were the days
They never go away
The moon in the sky
Shines on the stars
Girls in bikini tops
Dancing on the bars
Chemicals are prickly
Rushing up my body
Nothing can stop you
Nothing can stop me
Be forever young
Young hearts run free
Just like magic
We live in ecstasy
This is our time
To play the playboy
Eyes on the prize
Seek & destroy
Testing testing
Testing … 1 2 3
The Dj played our song
That’s to you from me
Purr through the nights
Big blurry city lights
It’s all behind us now
Time to live our lives
You don’t need millions
You don’t need fame
We were just playing
It was only a game
Memories like these
Won’t last forever
They’ll grow old too
Like pirates Treasure
Live long & prosper
It was a pleasure
Don’t ever forget
Always remember
To fight the good fight
& never surrender
The dynamic duo
Were dynamic together 💋

💗 Playboy 💗
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

He was every girls dream
But every mothers nightmare
He promised girls the world
Knowing he didn’t really care

He’s the big bad wolf
He’s gonna blow you away
He only loved for a night
He’s forgotten you today

Just like a cat that’s stray
He was never gonna stay
If you don’t wanna be played
Then don’t come out to play

😃 Keep A Smile On Your Face 😄
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

I’ll never be a man
I’ll always be a clown
Sometimes I’ll be up
Sometimes I’ll be down

Watching in the clouds
His favourite little toy
Forever Young at heart
I’m still Gods little boy

What a wonderful world
Life’s a beautiful place
You’re my everything
Keep a smile on your face 😃

🌟Dreamer 🌟
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Different Worlds, Different Places
Unusual Feelings, Unseen Faces

War In The Skies, Lovers Collide
Fly Through Your Dreams
You Can Run, You Can't Hide

The Baddies Are Here, & They're Out To Kill
Love Can Be Dangerous, It's All Part Of The Thrill

I Run After Her, They Chase After Me
Will I Get To Her, Before They Get To Me

I'm Floating Through The Scenes, In This Surreal Dreamland
I Call Her Out Name, I Reach Out For Her Hand

I Scream Out "I Love You, I Wish You Could Stay"
She Says "I Love You Too" & Keeps Running Away

I Wake Up Again, In A Crazier World
Reality Has Little Love For Me, & Again I've Lost The Girl

Sometimes I Make It, & Sometimes I Don't
Some Dreams Will Come True, & Sadly Some Of Them Won't 👱🏻‍♀️

💗 Love Is Blind 💗
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

I’ve always wanted to tell you
That I didn’t ever want you to go
I’m so sorry that you’re gone now
I love you more than you’ll ever know

I tell myself to never give up on us
Even though I know it’s far too late
The horses have run in to the sunset
An empty stable with an open gate

Who knows what the future holds
People always say that love is blind
You’ll never ever leave my heart
You’re all that’s ever on my mind

I’ve always wanted to tell you
That I didn’t ever want you to go
I’m so sorry that you’re gone now
I’ll love you more than you’ll ever know

☀️ Jessica ☀️
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Jessica you never really knew me
We held hands on the sand, & kissed in the sea

I always think you would of really liked me
In my mind we will always be

In love only for a little moment
Not a care in the world, so young & free

I hope our memory lasts forever
Holding hands on the sand, & kissing in the sea

🌍 The World 🌎
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Sometimes this world just tears you apart
It destroys your inner soul & rips out your heart

If there's one thing I've learnt in all of my years
There will be some smiles, & millions of tears

To get to heaven, you have to go through hell
You picked yourself up every time you fell

You have the strength to get through this life
You're as quick as a bullet, & as sharp as a knife

Keep your chin up, & keep doing what you do
Stay positive, be humble, & the world will love you

👼🏻 God 👼🏻
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Is he here ?
Is he there ?
Is he really everywhere ?

Is he up ?
Is he down ?
Will he always be around ?

Is he night ?
Is he day ?
Is he answering when i pray ?

Is he sunshine ?
Is he rain ?
Does he even know my name ?

Is he happy ?
Is he sad ?
Is he good or is he bad ?

Is he white ?
Is he black ?
Why can't he bring the good ones back ?

Is he horrible ?
Is he nice ?
Is he controlling everyone's lives ?

Is he lost ?
Is he gone ?
Is he in charge of what's right & wrong ?

Is he an angel ?
Is he a saint ?
Will he take me now or will he wait ?

Is he a ghost ?
Is he a man ?
Is he another man's master plan ?

Is he fake ?
Is he real ?
Does he create us or does he kill ?

Is he hate ?
Is he love ?
Is he really watching from above ?

Is he listening ?
Is he forever ?
Will I meet him one day or won't I ever ?

🌍 Blue Moon 🌎
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

I’m up in the stars
Floating on the moon
I came here all alone
In my hot air balloon
Can’t stand it anymore
All this gloom & doom
Nothing can hurt me
There’s plenty of room
For me to be happy
For me to stay sane
Out of the rat race
Out of the game
I have no identity
I don’t need a name
I’ve unplugged my heart
& unplugged my brain

✨ Eternity ✨
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

I wonder if you ever think about me
I hear that you're living back down by the sea
Do you remember any of the good times
If only you knew how much you meant to me

I wish I could hold you in my arms forever
You'll always be my favourite memory
You're the only thing I've ever lived for
I love you more than anything, so why can't it be

I pray for one more chance, a chance for us to see
How in love we once were & just how happy we could be
You will always mean the whole wide world to me
& I will love you until the end of all eternity 💛

💗 Unconditional Love 💗
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

I see you in my every dream
As clear as a beautiful day
Screaming out I love you
But you just slowly fade away

I wake up in this other world
Where I never see you again
A tale of unconditional love
Will this heartache ever end

Your voice had no emotion
The day you cut our ties
You said that you love me
& true love never dies

I see you in my every dream
As clear as a beautiful day
Screaming out I love you
But you just slowly fade away 💗

😈 Why ? 👿
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Why pretend to be happy when really you just wanna cry ?

Why wont you face the truth that you've always lived a lie ?

Why be born in the first place if one day we're gonna die ?

Why cant the devil be beaten or god show his face in the sky ?

Why say you've seen it all if you've never seen the other side ?

Why face the world again today when you could stay alone & hide ?

Why is the future set in stone & destiny a slave to the grind ?

Why is your love forever lost in the right place at the wrong time ?

Why do people leave our lives yet they never leave our mind ?

Why pretend to be happy when really you just wanna cry ?

Why wont you face the truth that you've always lived a lie ?

Why be born in the first place if one day we're gonna die ?

Why cant the devil be beaten or god show his face in the sky ? 👀

👑 Born To Win 👑
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

I’m trapped in a world that I don’t belong in
Where do I end & where will I ever begin
There’s only way out of here & only one way in
I thought I’d rule the world & someday be king
I believed I was special & could change everything
I don’t wanna cry anymore
I just wanna sing

Sing your heart out
Keep the faith
Dodge the bullet
Rise from the grave
So save yourself
You must be saved
Don’t lose the love
You must be brave

The world belongs to me & yes I do belong here
I’ll start all over again & laugh in the face of fear
My every moment will be cherished & so very dear
People who tried to hurt aren’t worth a single tear
The end’s behind me now & the beginning is near
My heart’s been re-fuelled & now my mind is clear

I rule the world
I am the king
I’m so special despite everything
Happiness & joy is what I bring
I was born to love & born to win 🏆

👦🏼 The Last Little Boy 👦🏼
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

This is the story of the last little boy
He woke up in the rubble of everything destroyed
Body's all around him covered up the ground
The sky was filled with smoke & he couldn't hear a sound

He walked into a sweet shop & filled his pockets up with lollipops
Hubba bubba soda, strawberry bon bons & cherry drops
He was happy in the moment but the heartache never stops
You don’t know what you had until what you had is lost
To be happy has no price tag so no one knows the cost

Sitting on a mountain watching the world turn to dust
Thinking back on his life, he had no one he could trust
His soul became empty because his heart was crushed

Like a dream he once dreamt there was nothing else left
His life had started over, somehow he out lived the rest
They were all out to hurt him in his broken little mind
Nobody ever said I love you, they all seemed so unkind

He made peace with the universe & said a little prayer
Ready for the new world where people really do care
He jumped off the mountain & flew through the air
The sky opened up & everyone he knew was there
Falling through the sky remembering happy things
Just before he hit the rocks he sprouted angel wings
He flew up towards heaven with his family & friends
They reached out & saved him & that’s how it ends

🔥 Never Ever Say Never 🔥
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Pick Yourself Up
Dust Yourself Off
Flutter Like A Butterfly
Don't Flake Like A Moth

Purr Through The Night
Run Through The Tears
Let Go Of The Past
Face Up To Your Fears

Love Who You Are
Love What You Do
Try Hard Not To Hate
Hate Consumes You

You Only Get Back
What You Put In
Be In It To Win It
You Were Born To Win

Live For The Moment
Cherish Every Second
Shrines Have No Pockets
Only Angels Go To Heaven

Always Stay Positive
Keep On Going Forever
Follow Your Dreams
& Never Ever Say Never 💗

🏃 People Come & People Go 🚶
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

People come & people go
People you thought you’d always know
Cherish the good times
We all slowly change
It’s hard letting go
It feels so strange
That once they loved you
But now they don’t
Memories last forever
But friendships won’t
You’ve got to let go
You’ve got to move on
Love them while they’re there
One day they’ll be gone

As sad as it is
You don’t forgot that last kiss
Those are the ones
The ones you most miss
Life’s all about love
But love has a twist
Those you once loved
Forgot you exist

As one chapter ends
A new chapter starts
Clear your minds
& follow your hearts
A brand new dawn
A brand new day
Don’t let anyone stop you
Or get in your way
Of what you want to do
Or whoever you want to be
They don’t know how you’re doing
But one day they'll see
A few sad endings
& A new beginning
If you’re happy & content
You’re probably winning

You have to lose
To gain the power to win
As one door closes
Another lets you in
Here’s to the future
Be bold & be brave
Here’s to the good ones
The good ones you save

Onwards & Upwards
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Onwards & upwards
Every second's a new start
We've got the power in us all
To mend a broken heart

Onwards & upwards
Something special lies ahead
Live every minute like your last
You're such a long time dead
Onwards & upwards
Until the day we say goodbye
When our time is up
I'll see you in the sky
Onwards & upwards
Every second's a new start
We've got the power in us all
To mend a broken heart
Onwards & upwards
Things can change within an hour
No two days are ever the same
You're gonna blossom like a flower

🐯 Don't Ever Change 🐯
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Take the bull by the horns
You're a rose amongst the thorns
You'll never crumble
Never fail
Tell the story
Live the tale
Keep it flowing
Never stop
Try to be happy
Love what you've got
Always be humble
Laugh till you cry
Forever a Legend
They never die

Rip it up
Tear it down
Smash the hatred into the ground
Take it apart
Burn it alive
You're a machine with fire in your eyes
With all your heart
With all your soul
You've got the love
Don't lose control
All good things should stay the same
So paint your dreams
& don't ever change 🐯

🌟 Jesus Walks 🌟
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

He got down from the cross & walked the earth
Being blessed by God beats the Devils curse
Life comes second, love comes first
To make things better sometimes make things worse
He gave people hope & turned water to wine
He's the son of God & a friend of mine
If God weren't real would the sun still shine ?
Did God put this sunshine in this heart of mine ?
We're not the only people pulling the strings
Only good people get angel wings
The bad go to hell for all their sins
If you're not nice now, then you better change things
Believe in Jesus, God will follow
Live life today like there's no tomorrow
I believe in God
He believes in me
Jesus walked the earth for eternity ...

Forever & Ever
Forever & Ever
Forever & Ever
👼 AMEN 👼

👼🏻 Angels 👼🏻
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

I'm in another world in all of my dreams
Such beautiful people in beautiful scenes
The worlds on a loop on massive screens

As one chapter closes another begins
Someone's life starts & someone's ends
Every loser in life surely someday wins

Angels protect throughout our lives
But it's god in the end who one day decides
Who gets to live on & who sadly dies

Heaven is no place for material things
I want my own halo & angel wings
Forgive me father for all of my sins 🙏🏼

💔 Goodbye Lullaby 💔
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

I’ve got so much to say
Don’t know where to start
We’ll never meet again
Yet we’ll never be apart

You’re the one I love
You’re my number one
You’re my saddest ending
You're my happy life to come

It's so hard to let you go
I think about you every day
How could I ever forget you
There's Nothing else i can say

You’re the one I love
You’re my number one
You’re my saddest ending
You're my happy life to come

😱 Scream 😱
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

It's halloween night
Pumpkins light the porches
Children trick or treating
With their little torches
Dressed as little monsters, witches, ghosts & ghouls
The street becomes more misty
As the moonlight slowly falls
Beware sweet prom queen babysitting alone
Get out of the house
It's ghost face on the phone
Remember Michael Myers, Freddy & Jason
The monster in creep that killed the tramp in the station

The Killers come out at halloween
No one will ever hear you scream

Don't trust that pretty foreign girl
You'll wake up in the hostel
You can try to escape but it's almost impossible
Don't say the candyman three times in the mirror
Like honey to a bee
He's a hook handed killer
American werewolf in London
Freddy's in your dreams
You might die in your sleep
So that no one hears your screams
Check in the wardrobe & under the bed
You can't kill a monster if it's already dead

The Killers come out at halloween
No one will ever hear you Scream ... Scream

Jeepers Creepers
Where d'ya hide those peepers
Texas chainsaw Chucky, pinhead jigsaw
Don't mess the Blair witch or go to wolf creek
The hills have eyes & it's you they want to eat
The Devils rejects
A house of a 1000 corpses
A killer's born to kill & it never remorses
All the boys love many lane
Some horrors have a twist
Your mother sucks cocks in hell
I'm the exorcist

The Killers come out at halloween
No one will ever hear you Scream ... Scream ... Scream

Leather face's chainsaw
The screech of Freddy's knives
Don't fall asleep
Run for your lives
They come back for revenge in the shape of true evil
They come to raise hell & kill lots of people
The prom queen hangs gutted
Swinging from the tree
I know what you did last summer
Who could the killer be ?
In a world full of evil a killer never stops
Shut all your windows
Make sure your doors are locked

The Killers come out at halloween
No one will ever hear you Scream ... Scream ... Scream ... Scream

💣 Trooper 💣
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Say goodbye to your family
They're begging don't go please
It's not your war to fight but you're going overseas

Here's a gun, here's a knife
Forget about your children
Forget about your wife
You belong us now
So fight for your fucking life

I'm missing you all so much
I promise to keep in touch
Please stop all your crying
I keep seeing people dying

I'm just a young soldier trapped in Iraq
They shot me, I'm dying
I'm not coming back ...

Send his family a letter
Put in the post
He was a bloody good soldier
But now he's just a ghost ...

Trooper ... Trooper ... They're Gonna Shoot Ya ... Left ... Right ... Left ... Right ... Run Rabbit Run ... 💀🔫

💙 Electric Blue 💙
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Come On Baby
Come With Me
Our Chemistry
Electrocutes Me

My Heart's On Fire
We Stick Like Glue
I Burn So Bright
I'm Stuck To You

Golden Blonde
& Big Blue Eyes
Heart shaped Stars
& Love Filled Skies 💙

🤴🏼Gumbo 👸🏼
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Why did you say you love me ?
Why did you let me go ?
I think we could have made it
Now we’ll never know

Nobody could ever love you
As much as I love you
My heart has run blood red
My blood has turned so blue

I’m sorry I wasn’t the one
I’m sorry you didn’t phone
I’m sorry that I’ve lost you
I’m sorry you won’t be home

☠ The Last Video ☠
BY sHaNeYPoPs ©

Everything was white
Leading to the pearly gates
My life was playing back
Flashed straight passed my face

Everything i'd captured
The diary of my life
There right before me
Just like i'd lived it twice

One long teary story
A video i could never rewind
Even i can't live forever
We're all on borrowed time

He looked straight at me
You must live before you die
You'll wake up again soon
Go & live your life

I opened up my eyes
I Didn't get the girl
Forget about eternity
She ain't living in my world

When people fade away
Best just them go
Seeing for themselves
Is as good as told you so

Good luck with your life
It's so hard to say goodbye
This is the last video
See you in the sky

Everything was white
Leading to the pearly gates
Life played back one last time
Flashed straight passed my face

Everything i'd captured
The diary of my life
There right before me
Just like i'd lived it twice 💞